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Signature School Highlights

This month is a big one for a lot of our business PBLs to take place. There is a market happening in fourth grade for their Shark Tank products this coming week. They have produced commercials, products, and posters to sell to their consumers. Fifth grade is still working on classroom economies, and the lower grades are working on business PBLs, as well!

Grade Level Highlights

We are so excited to end the school year with kindergartners who are ready for first grade! We will be having a celebration to highlight all their accomplishments this year. Thank you for sharing your children with us.

PBL Highlight

Eighth-grade students are currently working on a STEM project. They are planning, building, and testing rockets. This project will cumulate with launch day where students can see their hard work come to life. Eighth-grade students are also practicing entrepreneur skills by planning their own small businesses. Their businesses are practical products and services that they can actually launch now as young teens.